Logo design. The art of simple storytelling.

We ask a lot from a logotype. We want it to be representative of values, our field of activities, our culture. We want it to be versatile enough to work on all platforms. We want it to be inspiring, recognizable, distinctive and memorable.

So, what are the ultimate criteria that meet these objectives? Just let us take a look around and let us realize that the answer is not complexity.

Simplicity and clarity. Good designs are born from these two elements.
Lindon Leader, graphic designer, FEDEX logo designer

Ronald Wayne (1934-) designed the first original Apple logo. He wanted to depict the concepts of inspiration and science. He draw a whole scene of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. The Apple logo that we actually know is from 1977. It's a bitten apple.
The question is: have we lost the message of the Isaac Newton legend? No. Despite several graphic updates over the years, the Apple logo has become iconic. It is simple, straight and it is telling a story.

Then, what makes the difference between a bad logo and a good logo? We have understood that design does not make it all. Logo design is not the result of a graphic exercise — although it is difficult. A logotype is the visual representation and quintessence of a complex concept. A unique, single symbol that tells a great story.

That's how we want a logo to be. That's why a logo is successful.

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